Fella Cherchali

“Summer 1983, after a long crossing, I arrive in France in the charming fishing village of Sète.

I am 7 years old. I can see only the sea. It is everywhere. Its backwash brings a bit of my childhood and the images that bind me to it. That year the garden colours of the family home in Algiers are regularly erased from my mind yet I hold to them more than my own life. 

So I begin to tame a little imaginary feather that, whenever I wish, brings back the sensations of my past. I only need a scent to make it appear and my treasure is all around me. 

There have been many other departures, to Paris, to Zurich, to Montreal, to Dubai – each time to live a part of life. Armed with this feather, I no longer feared forgetting my memories.

The Brand

Nayassia invites our immersion into an artistic universe, engraved with sensitivity, elegance and gentleness. Inscribed in the tradition of French perfumery, the Nayassia brand is the fruit of the meeting of its cofounders, Fella Cherchali and Eric Torchet, two globetrotters with a passion for travel, perfume and words. Their paths cross many times in Paris Montreal, New York, Dubai… Creating a brand of perfume through the artistic prism of Fella and that of Eric, oriented towards savoir-faire, beauty and luxury was a foregone conclusion.

Linking fiction and reality, Nayassia takes possession of the evocative power of great stories and famous tales to give body to its two first collections of rare and daring eaux de parfum, Plume d’Occident and Plumes d’Orient.

Colourful, vibrant, moving, the collection “Plume d’Occident” tells a story of life’s layers and instants of exception. It tells of an odyssey, of future promises, of love on Long Island…

Radiant, profound, spellbinding, the collection “Plumes d’Orient” revisits the oriental tales and the magnificence of the Orient. Beyond what is well-known, each perfume of Nayassia leads us into a marvellous and intense world where the words of men and women of the Orient become a melody intertwining wisdom and harmony…

Awards and Exhibitions:

2019 / Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation

2018 / Dmco. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet


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