“Summer 1983, after a long crossing, I arrive in France in the charming fishing village of Sète.

I am 7 years old. I can see only the sea. It is everywhere. Its backwash brings a bit of my childhood and the images that bind me to it. That year the garden colours of the family home in Algiers are regularly erased from my mind yet I hold to them more than my own life. 

So I begin to tame a little imaginary feather that, whenever I wish, brings back the sensations of my past. I only need a scent to make it appear and my treasure is all around me. 

There have been many other departures, to Paris, to Zurich, to Montreal, to Dubai – each time to live a part of life. Armed with this feather, I no longer feared forgetting my memories.


Curious, aesthete, non-conformist, Eric always knew he would travel the world. Very young Eric decides to leave for Canada, then to the Middle East where, each time, his path crosses that of Fella. He is drawn into a career in the commerce of luxury goods, with these last 10 years centred on the distribution of exceptional perfumes. Through this experience came knowledge of ingredients, encounters with perfumers and passionate connoisseurs, the culture of the world of perfume across continents, the understanding of the use of this unique art. Eric could not let this “little feather” pass without investing in the creation of Nayassia.


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