Jardin d’el Biar


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Guided by the desire to revitalize, Fella returns to Algiers, to the Moorish villa of her childhood. The El Biar quarter, its hidden gardens behind the Porte de Sahel, the Raphael balcony where she spent late afternoons looking at the panorama (out over beautiful Algiers), the garden of the family home where so many small moments
of pleasure were played out.Time seems to stand still. The present-day colours and odours welcome those of the past. There was a promise of summer and fruit had already appeared in the flowering orange trees.
Then an unwonted vision leads Fella into the heart of the luxurious garden. Even though the jasmine was dominant, here and there, since her last journey, sublime flowers of wild iris and magnolia had invited themselves in. Where do these flowers come from? Did the wind carry them in near the mandarin trees or maybe a gift from a dear friend? Dream or reality, some mysteries must keep their secrets to remain engraved in the heart.


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Weight 30 kg
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100ml, 30ml


60 × 80 × 70 CM


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