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The Wonders of creation. Fascinating and mysterious, the Orient reveals its beauty since the Creation. Great Wonders like Babylon and beautiful Wonders like the Golden Peacock discovered in the tale of Aboulcacem.

It is through this little golden door that we discover the wonder among Wonders: Aboulcacem holding a wand in one hand and in the other the little Tree of Life whose trunk was silver, the branches and leaves emeralds and the fruit rubies. At the top of the tree appeared a golden peacock, finely crafted, whose body was filled with amber, spirit of aloe and other fragrances. He laid this tree at the feet of the Prince Calife Haroun and by tapping the peacock’s head with his wand the bird spread its wings and tail and began to spin with great speed. As it turned the perfumes which filled it flew out in all directions, embalming the richly decorated hall.

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60 × 80 × 70 CM


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