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In the middle of the ocean between the Arabian Sea and the Yemen is a wonderful island called Salata where if you hear people shouting, moving, living, you never see them.

Terrestrial paradise, almost inaccessible, where everything links to the fabulous, so much delight and opulence. The wonderfully sweet and fragrant fruits, the Indian nuts, delicious dishes are offered in abundance.

To work with the abstract of wonders.

Text “Among the wonderful islands of the Yemen Sea, there is an island called Salatâ, inhabited by people whose speeches, cries, movements are heard, can be spoken to and answered, but only do not see. Asked about their condition, they said they were men, to whom a prophet named Sâfir, son of Djerdoul, had been sent: that they believed in him and that they continued to follow his religion. When a traveler approaches their home, they give him one night’s supplies that would suffice for three nights, wonderfully sweet and fragrant fruit, Indian nuts, roasted birds as big as pigeons and excellent. When their host wants to return to his country, they make him prepare a ship, but most often the foreigner forgets to leave, and if they did not transport

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